Pomelo Restaurant
Is the perfect places for visitors and travelers to discover the rich ancient legacy of Hue’s traditional cuisine. Pomelo Restaurant has been given their names as they are surrounded by over 1000 Pomelo trees. Pomelo trees in Thuy Bieu Village are reputed to be the best tasting in Hue.
The hotel is a unique Eco-Resort and most of the vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices used by the restaurants are grown within our own grounds and are 100% organically grown. Guests at our Pomelo
Restaurant & outside have plenty of comfortable places for sitting, playing together or relaxing, looking over our garden & Riverview.

On Boat Dining
Our Boat will pick up at Resort’s Private Boat station and taking the magical slow boat ride down the Perfume River for you to visit Hue attractive places & our boat pick up you to enjoy your lunch with Set menu on elegance Private boat.

In-Room Dining
We offers meals and beverages 24 hours a day. The menu reflects the characteristics of the Hotel and offers attractive professional F&B.
Guests can place an order through making a telephone call to the room service staff who will proceed the order to the main kitchen. Once the food is prepared, the chef will contact the Room Service staff.

Royal Dinner
Imagine you are a Royalty – King, and queen beside you accompanied by Mandarins … sitting with other dignitaries in the Royal styled decorated dining room and all dressed as ancient Hue Royals will be surprised with authentic delicious Hue’s Royal Cuisines. During this event as royals you need to follow certain Royal Protocols while Hue Imperial Court Style Music & Dance performers will perform to entertain you.

The Pool Bar
A perfect place to relax with Jazz, Pop music beside the spacious Pool and homemade fresh cocktails after touring Hue and the surrounding areas having discovered imperial palaces, tombs, pagodas and temples.